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Every year, enthusiasts from all over Europe, and even far beyond, look forward to the ELK with its unique plant sale, which is difficult to match in terms of offer. Because other plant sales were also cancelled this year sellers are left over stocked and buyers empty handed. Thousands of plants in countless greenhouses are waiting for a new home.

The ELK committee wants to do something about this by bringing collectors and sellers into contact with each other via the internet. We want to do this by publishing a list of sellers, both professionals and amateurs, who want to deliver their plants to the buyers by post or courier. Of course, sellers of books and accessories for the hobby are also welcome.

If you, as a regular seller at ELK, wish to participate, please send the following information to ronald.fonteyne@telenet.be

  • Name and address of the nursery or grower,
  • Website and/or e-mail address,
  • General description of your offer, e.g. cacti, other succulents, caudiciforms..., books, supplies, etc.
  • Any other relevant information such as delivery restrictions, open days etc.

Please, respect the international and local regulations (such as CITES, EU plant passport etc.) for the sale and trade of plants.


    Domaine du Roux, 07210 BAIX (Ardéche) France
    Plantes cultivées: Uncarina, Adenium, Gymnocalycium, Haworthia, Astrophytum.
    Liste sur demande.

  • Agroideas Cactus Nursery (Luis Bru & Francisco Noguera))
    phone : +34 968 846 300 / +34 625 730 842
    We sell cacti and succulents for collection.
    We ate the only cites authorized nursery for cactus and succulents in Spain.

  • Cactuspoint.cz by Jaromir Chvastek
    K Lomu 286, 739 42 Frydek-Mistek, Czech Republic 
    Offer of: cactus seeds, cactus plants, succulent seeds (lithops, haworthia, asclepiadaceae, aloe...), succulent plants (lithops, adenium, haworthia, aloe, asclepiadaceae - a large offer of about 100 species will be published in August-September)
    wholesale offers on request, offer of species that are not in the e-shop on request, shipments to the EU with plant passports, shipment outside the EU with phytosanitary certicate.
    Visit of nursery possible by agreement at any time.

    BP. 57 - 77330 Ozoir la ferriere - France.
    phone : +33(0)6 07 36 49 73
    Plantes succulentes rares d’Afrique du sud, de Madagascar et d'ailleurs, plantes à caudex Succulent plants from South Africa, Madagascar and other desertic places, caudiciform plants Pas de vente sur place, seulement par internet. Publications régulières sur Facebook. (Facebook PLANTEMANIA)

    Cactus et autres succulentes.
    L'expédition est possible dans toute l'Europe.

    Koningstraat 1, 88RO Hooglede, , tel. 051 229843 GSM 0470 047480België  
    Na 45 jaar verzamelen denk ik eraan mijn verzameling te verkopen. Mooie opgepotte planten aan lage prijzen.

    Kruisstraat 132 3070 Kortenberg België  
    Ik ben ook terug te vinden op facebook onder mijn naam met foto’s van mijn planten. Welke planten: Agaven, vooral speciale variegate vormen.

  • Natalia ELLIS, Cactus Online Ltd.
    8 Buzludzha str., Markovo, Rodopi, 4108, Bulgaria
    Growing cactuses and succulents since 1999 I managed to collect good amount of astrophytum plants, gymnocalycium, copiapoa, ferocactus plants and many others. Then I focused on succulents and mesemb plants and at the end built a new greenhouse for aloe, haworthias and caudex plants. These days I have about 100 000 plants in my collection and offer good range of haworthia plants, lithops, conophytums, aloe, echeveria, crassula, adromischus plants and big range of astrophytum hybrids, gymnocalycium seedlings, neoporterias, thelocephala seedlings and many others. Also we offer a good range of cactus-related souvenirs:). I can ship plants worldwide (the only 2 countries are in my exception list - Singapore and Australia, I'm really sorry for it). I offer registered airmail delivery with phyto certificate (13 euro per box for non- EU countries). Fast delivery, good packaging, healthy plants. It is our motto and standard.

  • Witold HOFFMANN & Marie-Claire BRUGGEMAN 
    Van Tichelenlei 6, B-2160 Wommelgem, België
    +32 496 379883 Witold
    +32 494 43 26 93 Marie-Claire
    Cactussen, Andere succulenten allerlei soorten /Hawhortias, Gasterias, Aloes , Stapelias, Sanseverias (groot en klein).
    Wij kunnen de planten via Koerierdienst opsturen.

  • Tomasz MARKIEWICZ 
    Warsaw, Poland
    Offer: Gasterias and Gastroleas, a lot of hybrids and species. If you're looking for specific hybrids or species, please ask me. Otherwise, I can send the actual list of plants for sale. All plants are cutivated as pups.
    Delivery: Only EU, no phyto certificate, no invoice (I'm a private seller).

  • MONDOCACTUS  by Andrea Cattabriga.
    The e-shop offers a small representation of our products, please ask for special items availability! Offering: Succulent plants in general, with a focus on slow growing cacti such as Ariocarpus and allied ones, all self-produced by seeds since more then three decades. We sell very cheap small plants and sometimes also very old specimens of our collection.The enterprise is a registered nursery, CITES EU authorized and compliant with the most recent EU regulations in matter of plants trading (eg. Plant Passport).

  • Otakar POTYKA
    17.listopadu 360, 73514 Orlová Lutyně, North Moravia, Czech Republic
    mobile phone : +420 739573889
    We sell plants with a broad focus. Both cacti and succulents. From common plants to the plants listed in Cites 1. Experience selling online, through Ebay. We also opened a private botanical garden for cacti and succulents. Visit for a small fee. More information on the website. You are cordially invited.

  • Nicolas SAMYN
    Waterstraat 11 8560 Wevelgem
    Cactussen, hybriden, variegaten, Gymnocactus, Echinocactus, etc. 
    Opendeurdagen samen met 6 andere liefhebbers op 22-23 augustus 2020 van 9-19u.

  • Norbert and Elisabeth SARNES
    Eschweiler, Germany
    We have mainly cacti from Patagonia such as Austrocactus and Pterocactus.
    We send plants inside the EU (till end of this year also to GB).
    It is possible to visit our collection by appointment only (by e-mail).

  • Dieter SEEGER
    Kantstrasse 11, 35633 Lahnau
    Tel. 0049 6441 6691427 oder 0176 56575745
    Kakteen aus Mexico und USA aber auch einige Chilenen.
    Versand nur innerhalb Europas ( Schengen Raum ).

  • Rikus van VELDHUISEN 
    Samuel Gerssenlaan 63, 3861 HB Nijkerk. Nederland.
    Uitsluitend Euphorbia’s. Bezoeken in overleg. Binnen de E.U. voldoe ik aan de CITES wetgeving, ook lijst A soorten.